Hiking Guide

I love making personal recommendations for hikes around Seattle, but sometimes it’s easier to put everything down in one place. So for all the questions I’ve gotten from friends, I’ve created a guide for each. These start from the bottom up, from a newbie’s guide to hiking to going on overnight trips and more difficult hikes, there’s a guide for everyone. So wherever you are in your hiking journey, I hope you’ll find something useful here!

  • Hiking Basics: Hiking etiquette, what to expect…
  • Hiking Gear: A clear breakdown of different gear you might need for your next adventure other than the 10 essentials
  • How To Pick A Hike: My 2 cents on what things to consider when picking a new hike
  • Winter Hiking: Tips on what to expect and how to prepare for winter conditions
  • Backpacking 101: What to bring for an overnight trip beyond the basic hiking gear

Washington-specific hiking recommendations