Vegas – Zion Canyoneering Bachelorette

Raise your hand if you’re an adventurous soul who enjoys surprises and urban comforts 🙋‍♀️ Well, that’s also my friend, for whom I had the pleasure and most... Read More "Vegas – Zion Canyoneering Bachelorette"

Snoqualmie Pass Surprise Proposal

When A asked me to help out with his proposal to P, I couldn’t say no! We pivoted from an urban park to this gorgeous lake with the best mountain backdrop right in the middle of the Snoqualmie Pass area. We decided... Read More "Snoqualmie Pass Surprise Proposal"

Alpenglow North Cascades Snowshoe Elopement

Winter elopements mean playing in the snow! This is one of my personal favorite locations to explore in the winter and I’m so glad I got to show S and J this beautiful spot! We met at the trailhead and got geared up for a short hike... Read More "Alpenglow North Cascades Snowshoe Elopement"



Hello, I am Cherlyn.

PNW elopement photographer and adventurer. Washingtonian. I love capturing the special moments in the mountains. I love experiencing sunrises and sunsets that make the short nights oh so worth it. I love to see the joy on my couples’ faces when they are in their happy place with their favorite people (or person!). And I am so stoked that you’re checking out my page! Elopements are all about you and I’d love to capture your special day when you tie the knot (or even just for an adventure session). No fuss, just you and nature, what would be better than that? And my friends, I can’t wait to meet you and hopefully go on an adventure with you too!

So, what are you waiting for? Want to know more about adventure elopements? Learn more about different sessions you can choose from, check out my photography style, or read more about me.




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What is an elopement?


Elopements are like intimate weddings, they’re all about the two of you. It’s to celebrate your love and mark your union and with just the people you want present. It can be anywhere, whenever!






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