Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can I have at my elopement?

Honestly as many as you want, but usually, for the most intimate elopements, couples tend to invite about 25 guests or fewer. Your elopement could just be the two of you (and duh, me photographing everything). It totally depends on what vibe you’re going for and in some ways, the goal of your wedding. If you want the focus on you as a couple and less drama, usually that means inviting fewer people and letting others understand why you’ve chosen this path (there can be drama in other ways). Some ways to honor and include people is having them write you notes or record a message for you to play at your ceremony if they can’t make it!

Logistically, within most National Forest or National Parks, on trail you’re only allowed 12 people. Some allow for more with specific permits outlining where you can hold the ceremony. And yes, I can help with permits!

Permits are required??

I can 100% help you through the permit process and how to contact the rangers for wedding permits. Basically, they just want to keep track of events and make sure people still adhere to wilderness guidelines, such as no confetti, respecting other visitors, no obnoxious and loud music etc… It is a shared public space, after all! But my best recommendation is to go on a weekday for the fewer crowds wherever you decide to elope.

Will you photograph a larger wedding?

I am open to a limited number of traditional weddings with more guests. So please reach out if you think we would be a great fit together! And if you’re interested in nature wedding or engagement portraits, we definitely incorporate that as a package with your traditional wedding.

Can I bring my dog (or other pet)?

Personally, I’d love to have your dog come join your elopement! But depending on where we are, the local land regulations might not permit it. Primarily, pets are not allowed in National Parks, unless it’s paved roads and campgrounds.  Certain wilderness areas like the Enchantments also prohibits dogs and pets. So, the short of it, it depends, but if you’re open to different locations, we can make sure to include your favorite furry friends!

Where can I elope?

Anywhere! Well, like anywhere you can legally have access to! Like your backyard, your family home, a local wedding venue, public park, the forest, the desert, sooooo many different places and wherever speaks to you. Sometimes couples like choosing a place that means something special to them, like where they got engaged or their first date location or a place they visit often. Other times, they prefer something unique and different so they can make it their own special place! Are you looking for epic, rugged mountains? Or a moody forest? Or a scenic sunset beach? I can help you find your elopement destination!

What is an adventure elopement?

To me, this is combining your favorite outdoor activity and making it special with your ceremony as part of it. It can range anywhere from lounging on a beach to climbing a peak! It’s anything out of the ordinary sort of wedding (not that those aren’t cool) but it’s adding a bit of that adventurous spirit. It could be exploring a new trail with your boo or hiking the same one you do every year. It could be finding red and golden fall colors or wildflowers fields or snowy alpenglow. It can be canoeing on a lake, a picnic with a view, biking through a winery vineyard, a sunrise hike. What makes both your souls sing? I think that’s what it should be about!

What’s the process of eloping?

Elopements can essentially look as much or as little as a traditional wedding. You can add and remove whatever elements you wish!

Legally, there’s signing paperwork, depending on which state (or country) you get married in. Usually, you can apply through an online application. For your official wedding, you’ll need an officiant. And by the way, ya girl here can officiate! Depending on the state, you may also need a witness or two.

But for the fun part, you can basically do whatever you want! If you want bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can! If you want to sing and dance, you can! If you want none of that, you can also do that! In terms of planning, it’s most important to figure out the big things, such as deciding what key people you want there. Maybe it’s a best friend or your parents. Or maybe it’s a specific vendor, like a photographer or caterer. Then you’ll also want to think about what season you want to get married in. Are you into winter sports and want a snowy scene? Or do you dream of having flowers in your hair like a summer bohemian bride? Or a Halloween-inspired wedding? From there, start to pick location and dates with your key people. Yes, it might be a little hectic and a lot to organize but once you’re done with that, the big pieces are set and it’s the little details left, like what specific look do you want it to have?

How far out do you book?

Currently booking for 2024. Open to start discussions for 2025 too!


contact me!


Will you help with the planning?

I can definitely help guide you along with the planning. As your photographer, I make it my goal to help your elopement run smooth to ensure you get the best storytelling of your special day! However, if needed, I can recommend some wedding planners if you need guidance through the whole process and would like someone to coordinate it all the day-off.

My specialty lies within location selection! I love to hike, climb, ski, anything in the mountains! Just check out my adventure blog to see what all I get up to when I’m not photographing couples. I have a wealth of knowledge of mountainous locations in Washington and have had my fair share of travels around Western US and the Italian Dolomites. I love planning trips too, so naturally, I will help you with yours and make sure you don’t forget anything 🙂

Will you travel to photograph my elopement?

Omg, I’d be so stoked to do a destination elopement! There are generally no travel fees within Washington depending on the package, it’s by distance from Seattle. And I’d waive travel fees if they are one of my dream destinations:

  • Dolomites
  • New Zealand
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Alaska
  • Utah
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Glacier National Park
My ceremony is only 1 hour. Why are your packages so many hours? I don’t think I could do smile for longer!

While yes, you could technically book just an hour, I find that it doesn’t quite tell the story as a longer-format. There’s a lot of value in documenting the whole day from pre-ceremony to post-ceremony whether or not you have guests attending. This also allows for more candid shots to happen and time for you to be relax in front of a camera without overthinking that a camera is around you. Having more time also reduces stress for squeezing in all the photos. Often times, wedding day timelines get shuffled around a bit and that’s okay! My goal is to capture your whole elopement or wedding in its full, finding the small moments and photographing the emotions and story so you can savor them afterwards!

And no, I won’t be posing you every single minute. My style is letting you do your thing and I’ll step in as necessary, especially for portrait-specific photos. I will definitely help guide you so you won’t feel awkward in pictures – it’s common for people to feel uncomfortable at first because it’s not every day you get your pictures taken. I take pride in making all my clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera!

I love your alpine portrait style! But we’re already married. Can we still get photos with you?

Um yes of course! I’d be so happy to! We can go for an adventure and get some wild outdoors portraits! We can even incorporate a vow renewal and make a whole day out of it because your love is worth celebrating no matter what season of life you’re in! This could even be your “trash the dress” sort of adventure where you get that lovely dirty ombre on your dress and hemlines. Let’s start planning some fun photos 🥰