Meet Cherlyn

Meet Cherlyn

Meet Cherlyn

Fun facts:

I love to bake!! I document a lot of it on VANILLA WHISK. I spend way too much time daydreaming about becoming a Parisian — or at least going to watch Taylor Swift perform there. I’m overly optimistic about the ripeness of my wild blackberry pickings. Every week, I volunteer at a horse barn. Thai noodles are my go-to food and I’ve been to 22 National Parks.

Heya! I’m Cherlyn and I love to climb mountains, search for fields of wildflowers, hike amongst golden larches in the fall, bake pumpkin pies, grab brunch with friends. And, oh — I absolutely love to capture what’s beautiful. While I grew up in Washington, it wasn’t till college that I found myself escaping into nature while lugging my camera everywhere. It all began with landscape photography and then quickly turned into capturing my adventures with my friends, whether we were skiing off the summit of Mount Baker or climbing up the knife-edge ridge of Eldorado, and even canyoneering down waterfalls of Zion and Southern Sierras. And I still love epic landscapes, but I’ll always gravitate toward the human interaction with nature. It puts everything in perspective and gives meaning and feeling to the photographs I take. Simply said, I love to photograph the beauty in the people’s experience when they spend time with their favorite people in the grandeur and vastness of the wilderness.

It makes my heart skip a beat every time I photograph my couples for an outdoor session. I believe that nature is a great therapist and brings out our inner child and that’s when the best candid and genuine smiles happen. That’s why I love when couples are excited about adventure eloping! I’m pretty stoked about elopements in general too because I think that these smaller, more intimate weddings are more meaningful to you as a couple and revolves around your relationship. My goal, as your photographer, is to help you cultivate that environment where it feels like it will celebrate your unique love.

And while wedding planning can be stressful, I’m here to help walk you through all the bits and pieces from location scouting to vendor connections and last minute details. Whether you and and your beau love hiking in the dark just to catch that perfect sunrise or long climbs just to stand on the top of the world, I’d love to be your gal to capture it all! I can’t wait to get to know you and your stories and your passion for the outdoors!

destinations i love
  • PNW anywhere!
  • Pacific Coast
  • North Cascades National Park
  • Rainier National Park
  • Arizona/Utah canyons
  • California Sierras
  • Italian Dolomites


So, if you want to explore a slot canyon in Utah or canyoneer down a waterfall in California, or maybe cross a glacier to climb a mountain in Washington, we can make that work! Or maybe you want to keep it chill and take a short walk to an alpine lake or a sunset on the beach, we can do it too! I know the ins and outs of exploring parks, and some might say, I have a knack for finding the most spectacular places too. And I don’t even mind (in fact I kinda get excited) hiking in the dark just to catch that perfect sunset or sunrise. Never have I regretted early wake-ups or late nights because I’ve gotten to watch the sky change the most incredible hues. And I want to make your event special and beautiful. Let me be your guide and together, we can craft the best experience possible for you and your partner. I’ll bring the snacks and the camera and you just bring yourself!



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