About Me

About Me


About Me

Hi, I’m Cherlyn and I love to capture what’s beautiful. It all began with landscape photography and my adventures in the wild outdoors. From mountaineering and climbing peaks to canyoneering down waterfalls, I would lug my camera everywhere, capturing my adventures with my friends. And soon after, I found the beauty in seeing the joy people experience while spending time with their favorite people amidst the awestruck wonder of nature.

I believe that finding an elopement photographer is all about having the right relationship and connection between you and your photographer. In no time, we’ll all be laughing and the photoshoot will feel fun and natural. And honestly that’s the best part about photography!

So, if you and your beau also love hiking in the dark just to catch that perfect sunrise or long climbs just to stand on the top of the world (mountain), I think we’d be great friends and I’d love to be your gal to capture it all! I can’t wait to get to know you and your stories and your passion for the outdoors!

Ideas For Elopements

activities i love

  • Mountaineering
  • Rock climbing
  • Canyoneering
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Watching sunrises and sunsets

places i love

  • PNW anywhere! from mountain summits to sandy beaches
  • Arizona/Utah canyons
  • Sierras
  • Italian Dolomites


So, if you want to explore a slot canyon in Utah or canyoneer down a waterfall in California, or maybe cross a glacier to climb a mountain in Washington, we can make that work! Or maybe you want to keep it chill and take a short walk to an alpine lake or a sunset on the beach, we can do it too! I know the ins and outs of exploring parks, and some might say, I have a knack for finding the most spectacular places too. And I don’t even mind (in fact I kinda get excited) hiking in the dark just to catch that perfect sunset or sunrise. Never have I regretted early wake-ups or late nights because I’ve gotten to watch the sky change the most incredible hues. And I want to make your event special and beautiful. Let me be your guide and together, we can craft the best experience possible for you and your partner. I’ll bring the snacks and the camera and you just bring yourself!

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